GMC Yukon RaspPi – Part 1: Project Overview

I have a 2017 GMC Yukon Denali that I’ve had for almost two years now that I have been pretty pleased with and have really no complaints with. However, I have this itch inside that just makes me want to tinker and play with things by adding computer integration with them wherever possible. Lately I have been feeling like my Yukon should be the next victim of my shenanigans. The outline on this project is pretty vague at this moment, but once I find out what is possible with it then I will adjust my goals.

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Google Contacts to Asterisk Phonebook


The Project

I wanted to have my Google Contacts be used to identify Caller ID for numbers coming into my Asterisk PBX. All the existing scripts I found were outdated and broken or required many hoops to jump through to get it working. So I put together a Google Script and a PHP script to get this all working. So let’s get to it. Continue reading Google Contacts to Asterisk Phonebook

Creating Raw Disk Mappings for VMware ESXi

What are Raw Disk Mappings?

In VMware you can create a Raw Disk Mapping to assign a physical hard drive directly to a virtual machine. This bypasses a VMFS datastore and allows you to dedicate a whole drive to a VM. One use for this would be to create a software RAID on a VM for a ESXi host that doesn’t have a supported RAID controller. Or if you are converting a physical machine to a virtual one and want to access the data without running VMware Converter. Continue reading Creating Raw Disk Mappings for VMware ESXi

How to run a Mac OS X VM on non-Apple VMware ESXi host.

darwin11GuestMany of you may have wanted to run a Mac OS X virtual machine in your vSphere setup but get hit with the error that darwin1164Guest is not supported, as outlined in VMware KB 2006093. As the KB explains that this is because you must be running Apple certified hardware to run a Mac OS X virtual machine. I’m sure that this has to do with the licensing of the OS X product. But you may want to run a vm or two to test software in your environment. Continue reading How to run a Mac OS X VM on non-Apple VMware ESXi host.

VMware ESXi 6.0 Drops Network Connectivity Then Slowly Lockups


DBryWTCxfrerRLKq_500So, a few weeks ago I upgraded all my ESXi hypervisors in my lab to version 6.0. All was working perfectly but an older server started acting up. It is an ASUS RS500-E6/PS4 that was purchased back in 2012 that I have running with two Intel Xeon E5504 2.0GHz processors and 48GB of DDR3 memory. It has 2 x Intel 82574L Gigabit ethernet ports (keep that in mind). It ran fine on version 5.5 without a problem, but all of a sudden after the upgrade to 6.0 it began to exhibit the behavior when a decent network load was placed on it would drop connectivity to VMs then that would follow with the management interface dropping. After it happened I checked the DCUI and it was still up but all options were sluggish. Then after a few minutes the DCUI was completely unresponsive. Continue reading VMware ESXi 6.0 Drops Network Connectivity Then Slowly Lockups


Well, here we are again. Back to blogging about what I find worth sharing.

Expect content related to technology and computers more than anything, especially on VMware virtualization, server environments, et cetera. I may post time to time about electronic projects I find spare time for, or just music, movies, and other entertainment. Posts will be regular at first, but certainly will become more spaced out.

Well, let it begin!