I am a young technology consultant that enjoys every aspect to computers and all things electronic. Virtualization of computer services is my current area of expertise and enjoyment. From technologies from VMware, OpenVZ, et cetera, they all are embraced to produce an environment beyond the physical “limitations.” A great proficiency lies in networking technology as well, in the scopes of firewalling, routing, VPN, Layer 3 protocol inspection, threat management, multi-layered switching, plus RIP, BGP, OSPF, and IGRP routing.

Programming and developing integrated circuits (ICs) is a passion of mine as well. Taking virtual computer code and having it interact with something physical through programming is extremely interesting and versatile. The possibilities for computing to have a place in other avenues is intriguing and full of potential in my eyes.

I spend my days programming and working on computers, servers, and networks pushing them to their limits. Making little gadgets is a special interest of mine and sometimes I make my own versions of existing products just for the fun of it. Reading and learning as much as I can is a life long goal of mine and I hope to achieve that to my greatest ability.

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